The Bucket

The modern bucket for me has a near perfect shape. Its outer surface, owing to its plastic material, has an amazingly smooth texture, which inevitably creates a tactile experience. The little dot in the middle of the bottom of a bucket is so perfectly placed; its mathematical precision could be a match to that of … Continue reading The Bucket

Mark Peter Wright and Mythologies

MARK PETER WRIGHT’S ADVENTURES IN THE WORLD OF MYTHOLOGIES Mark Peter Wright’s unusually jocular relationship with the microphone inspired this examination of his practice in relation to the French thinker Roland Barthes’ theory of the mythologies. In addition, this article will compare Mark Peter Wright’s artistic development to the legendary Don Quixote's journey through La … Continue reading Mark Peter Wright and Mythologies

Homage To Jorn Ebner

ENCHANTED WITH FRUSTRATION During the autumn and winter months of 2015, I had the opportunity to listen to many different artists from various backgrounds giving presentations about their art works. These talks provided me with such valuable information in terms of how professional artists and fresh graduates deal with hardships, which might arise within their … Continue reading Homage To Jorn Ebner

ULTIMACY: A Reflection

“ULTIMACY”, or to call it more traditionally, Newcastle College Fine Art Degree Show, branches out into two separate endeavours. One of them is entitled Final Major Project, which constitutes a culmination of our artistic efforts for the last two years as Fine Art degree students and intends to create a climax before we all progress … Continue reading ULTIMACY: A Reflection

Exhibition Review:DORIS SALCEDO

DORIS SALCEDO RETROSPECTIVE 21.02.2015 - 24.05.2015 MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART CHICAGO 220 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, United States THE HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL FACE OF GRIEF Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has several exciting exhibitions on display this spring, one of which is the Colombian sculptor Doris Salcedo’s first-ever retrospective show. The exhibition takes place … Continue reading Exhibition Review:DORIS SALCEDO

“How Close Is My Shadow Self to Me?”

“HOW CLOSE IS MY SHADOW SELF TO ME?” is a sculptural installation that explores different aspects of space from geometrical and physical to phenomenological by way of creating a synthesis of symbolic representation and mid 1960’s Minimalist aesthetics. It aims to symbolically measure the distance between the self and the subjective, temporal reality created through the observation … Continue reading “How Close Is My Shadow Self to Me?”

Notes on “Reveries”

"Reveries" February 2014, Galvanised steel wire, limestone, rotating motor In 'Paragraphs on Conceptual Art', Sol LeWitt writes; "It doesn't really matter if the viewer understands the concepts of the artist by seeing the art. Once it's out of his hands, the artist has no control over the way a viewer will perceive the work. Different … Continue reading Notes on “Reveries”