This webpage acts as an archival memory of my musings, writings and sculptures belonging to a period between 2013-18. Please feel free to browse around and enjoy.

Sheyda Aisha Khaymaz (they/them) is an artist, curator, writer and independent publisher based in North East England. They gained a BA in Fine Art from Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK and graduated with a Master’s in Curating from the University of Sunderland, UK. They work as the programme manager and editor of Lungs Project; a curatorial nonprofit and independent publishing press supporting emerging artists and writers of colour. Khaymaz’s practice is primarily concerned with the production of knowledge in the everyday and examining the hegemonic imaginaries in visual culture via an epistemological framework. Their current research explores the overlapping boundaries between the subjugated ‘other’, social space, and historical textual objects. In 2016, they were awarded the Lim Ai Fang Art Prize in the Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize, with an accompanying exhibition of shortlisted artists at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne. They exhibited in Venice in April 2017 as one of the finalists in the sculpture and installation category of 11th Arte Laguna Prize. They were awarded an artist’s residency at Tasarim Bakkali (TAB Gallery) in Istanbul, Turkey in 2018. Khaymaz’s most notable curatorial works include Poly Voices (Cobalt Studios, Newcastle, 2018), A Study of Imaginary Chasms, (Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle, 2018), Dialogus (Vane, Newcastle, 2017) and Emerging! (The Independent, Sunderland, 2016).


October 2017, MA Curating (Distinction), University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK

June 2016, First Class BA (Hons), Fine Art, Northumbria University, Faculty of Arts, Design, and Social Sciences, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


December 2019, Co-Editor, New Landscapes Anthology, USA-UK

October 2018, Curator, Poly Voices, film screenings, Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

April – June 2018, Curator, A Study of Imaginary Chasms, Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

January-October 2018, Chief Editor, LUNGS, Issue No.3

October 2017, Curator, DialogusVane, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

March-October 2017, Chief Editor, LUNGS, Issue No.2

September 2016, Co-Curator, Emerging!, The Independent Sunderland, UK

June 2015, Co-Curator, Ultimacy, Newcastle College Rye Hill Campus, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

May 2014, Co-Curator, Twenty Two Stitches, Square Yard Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


29 December 2017-28 January 2018, Anthropological Conjectures: The Tale of Sitare, TAB Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

12 January-11 March 2017, Idea Generating Machines, Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


15-30 March 2018, Something or Nothing, Abington Studios, Blackpool, UK

5-14 August 2017, Bish Bash Bosh, We The North, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK

12-16 July 2017, FLUX, The Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

9 May 2017, 100 years of OUI, Kimberly Clark: a towel dispenser gallery, UK

27 April-13 May 2017, Fresh, Rural Arts, The Courthouse Gallery, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK

27-30 April 2017, “Where’s Your Coat, You’re Going To Be Cold”, Caustic Coastal, Salford, UK

24 April 2017, Cultivate Presents Something Black: An Art Exhibition Online

14-21 April 2017, “Where Is Your Coat”, curated by Shy Bairns @ isthisit?

25 March-9 April 2017, 11th International Arte Laguna Prize Exhibition, Venetian Arsenale, Venice, Italy

24-26 March 2017, Part 1:Hand In, 36 Lime Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

15-22 February 2017, “Connections”, B&D Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

5 December 2016, Fine Art Auction, The Great Hall, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

November-December 2016, 9. Artward International, Munich, Germany

15 September 2016, Emerging!, The Independent, Sunderland, UK

1-31 July 2016, Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize 2016, BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

14-24 June 2016, REVEAL: Arts, Northumbria University Graduate Show, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

1 December 2015, Fine Art Auction, Tyneside Cinema Pop Up Film School, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

8-22 June 2015, Ultimacy, Newcastle College Rye Hill Campus, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

June 2015-March 2016, The Staircase, Alnwick Gardens, Woodland Walk Public Art Commission, Northumberland, UK

March 2015, Open Studios 6, Square Yard Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

December 2014, Open Studios 5, Square Yard Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

May 2014, Twenty Two Stitches, Square Yard Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

14-29 March 2014, 16 Reasons, Newcastle Art Centre Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

December 2013, Open Studios 3, Square Yard Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2012, NOA, National Open Art Competition Shortlisted Works


March 2020, The Case of Jenny Diver, poetry, Ecinniler Literary Journal, Issue No.2

August 2019, Artist feature & Interview, Murze Magazine, Issue No.7

June 2019, Half of Something, short fiction, Jaffat El Aqlam, Issue: Home

July 2018, Oh No! Another Hero!, a creative review of the 10th Berlin Biennale, commissioned by A-N the Artist Information Company

December 2017, The Tale of Sitare, self-published book

April 2017, Artist feature, “Two Installations”, The Matador Review, Issue: Spring 2017

April 2017, Artist feature, SHY BAIRNS, risograph arts periodical, Issue No.2: “Where’s Your Coat You’re Going To Be Cold”

March 2017, 11th Edition of Arte Laguna Prize Publication

December 2016, Northumbria University Fine Art Auction Catalogue

September 2016, Artist feature, LUNGS, contemporary arts publication, Issue No.1

July 2016, Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize 2016 Exhibition Catalogue

June 2016, Northumbria University Fine Art Degree Show Catalogue

December 2015, Fine Art Auction Catalogue

June 2015, ‘Ultimacy’ Exhibition Catalogue


October 2018, Travel Award, awarded by Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, Berwick, UK

June – August 2018, Course Certificate for Contemporary Art and Politics, provided by Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

June 2018, A-N Artist Bursary for The 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art awarded by A-N The Artists Information Company, UK

May 2018, Public Engagement Project Grant awarded by Aziz Foundation, UK

November 2017-January 2018, Artist residency, awarded by TAB Residencies at Tasarim Bakkali, Istanbul, Turkey

March 2017, Sculpture Finalist, 11th Arte Laguna Prize, selected by Igor Zanti, Flavio Arensi, Tamara Chalabi, Paolo Colombo, Suad Garayeva, Ilaria Gianni, Emanuele Montibeller, Salvador Nadales, Fatos Ustek, and Alma Zevi.

July 2016, Lim Ai Fang Art Prize, second place in the Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize, selected by Christine Borland, Turner Prize-nominated artist; Karen MacKinnon, Curator and Director, Artes Mundi; and Laurence Sillars, BALTIC Chief Curator.

June 2016, Degree Shows Takeover Artist for A-N The Artists Information Company, North East England, UK

October 2015, Course Certificate for Curating on the Web: Exhibiting Internet-based Art, provided by The Node Centre for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, Germany

September 2004, Erasmus+ Undergraduate Scholarship awarded by the European Union Commission


7 April 2018, New Art Social, Panel Discussion on Engagement Through Creativity, Quilliam Brothers, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

5 February 2018, Artist talk with Christine Borland : Women Working in Sculpture – Towards a New Lexicon, The Institute of Transplantation, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

14 December 2017, Aktüel Arkeoloji, “Anadolu’nun Tarihine Yolculuk Yaptıran Sergi: Antropolojik Konjonktürler: Sitare’nin Öyküsü”

12 December 2017, ZeroIstanbul, Tasarım Bakkalı’nda yeni sergi

14 October 2017, Chronicle Live, What’s On, Arts & Culture, “An art magazine created by Sunderland graduates has been launched in Newcastle”

October 2017, The Crack Magazine, Issue No.342, Art Editorial; “Are You Talking To Me?”, p.15

May 2017, A-N Degree Shows Guide 2017, Q&A3: One Year On, pp. 60-61

12 April 2017, Spark Sunderland on 107FM, Arty Parti guest with Lungs Project, Sunderland, UK

February 2017, “Idea Generating Machines” An essay by Rosie Minney

January 2017, The Journal, Culture, Events, Idea Generating Machines

January 2017, The Crack MagazineIssue No.342, Art Editorial; “Vane is in the Pink”, p.38

21 November 2016“Photography and Objecthood in conversation with Julie Louise Bemment, PH. Space, The Newbridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

14 September 2016, Spark Sunderland on 107FM, Arty Parti, Sunderland, UK

Summer 2016, Northumbria University Newspaper, p.32

12 July 2016, Chronicle Live, What’s On, Arts & Culture, Northumbria University

2 July 2016,, “Two Northumbria University Newcastle students among winners of prestigious £40,000 art prize”

21 June 2016, A-N Degree Shows 2016 : Collaborative Installations, Perfect Pints and Reclaimed Materials

10 June 2016, Newsroom Northumbria: “Two Northumbria Fine Art students amongst 10 shortlisted for the Woon Foundation Prize 2016”

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